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20 GBP
0 Bid(s)
30 - 50 GBP
Live auction
Lot closed
Lot location
Seaton, Devon
Set of five captain's style chairs (A/F)
Antiques, Collectables and Interiors
Venue address
Harepath Road
Seaton, Devon
EX12 2WH
United Kingdom
Antiques, Collectables and Interiors

Auction dates
Nov 08, 2021 10:30 AM GMT
Viewing dates
Nov 05, 2021 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM GMT
Nov 06, 2021 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM GMT
Auction currency
Accepted cards

We offer an in-house postage and packing service for most items purchased at auction using Royal Mail and Parcel Force services. 

Terms and Conditions for Buyers

(Terms and Conditions for Vendors are available on request)


1. Prospective purchasers are advised to read thoroughly and ensure they understand our Terms and Conditions.


2. The highest bidder shall be the purchaser, should any dispute arise between the bidders or any mistake be made, the auctioneer may either declare the purchaser or put the lot up again.


3. The advance in the bidding shall be regulated by the Auctioneer, but in any event the minimum bid accepted shall be £1.00 (One Pound).


4. The Auctioneer, who will be the sole arbiter in the matter of any dispute or mistake, reserves the right to refuse any bid, or bid on behalf of the Vendor, in the case of any lot or lots (on which there is a reserve) or to withdraw, consolidate or divide any lot or lots with regard to the position of same in the catalogue.


5. Each and every lot shall, upon the fall of the hammer, be at the sole risk of the Purchaser, and in any case, no lot or lots may be removed until the sale slips have been checked.


6. DESCRIPTIONS. The lots are sold `as they lie` with all faults and errors in description, quantity or measurement (if any). Lots may be new, used, refurbished or not, working or broken, soiled, damaged, incomplete etc. boxed goods may not contain any relevant books, manuals, disks, leads, etc. and/or might contain different colours/models/or even different products. We recommend that buyers do not bid unless they have examined lots to their satisfaction prior to doing so - IF IN DOUBT DO NOT BID.


7. When describing lots, finishes are sometimes referred to in the description. These are for guidance only and may not be accurate, e.g. an item may be described as `light oak` when in reality it is in fact `beech`. When mentioning wood finishes, apart from the possibility that the type of wood is incorrectly described, it may also be the case that the item is not solid wood but is veneered, or even that it is not wood at all. Bidders are recommended to examine all lots prior to bidding, to make their own assessments as to the construction and nature of materials and to bid accordingly.


8. When selling lots involving quantities of a product, it is possible that there is a variation in colour, style or model between the different items comprising the lot, (which may or may not be pointed out in the catalogue) and buyers are urged to check prior to bidding.


9. Before bidding please bear in mind that all quantities, descriptions, sizes and other information are approximate estimates only. Items lotted for sale are not always checked/counted/measured by us, and additionally, typing errors sometimes occur. Bidders are recommended to check lots for accuracy, make their own assessments, and adjust their bids accordingly. No allowances will be made for shortages. Lots are sold `as seen` - what you see is what you buy.


10. It is important that you check each item that you intend bidding on prior to bidding. If you are in any doubt, please do not bid. What you buy is what has the Lyme Bay Auctions white lotting up label on it, regardless of the description in the catalogue.


11. All descriptive statements contained in the advertisement or catalogues or made by the Auctioneers or any member of our staff, before or at the time of the sale are to be taken as expressions of the Vendors or Auctioneers opinion, and not as warranties, and no warranty of any kind is to be implied, and it shall be assumed that the purchaser has inspected the lot he buys, and in the event no compensation shall be paid for the same.


12. LYME BAY AUCTIONS act as Agents only, and neither they nor the Vendor is responsible for any faults or defects in any lot or the correctness of any statement contained in the catalogue, advertisement or brochures of the sale or forthcoming sales.


13. All lots must be paid for within 5 days of the sale and cleared from the salerooms within 5 days of the sale, and if any purchaser shall fail to comply with this condition and the lot or lots are not cleared within the time specified, they shall be sold at Public or Private sale and the deficiency (if any) together with all charges attending same shall be made good by the defaulter at this present sale. Any profit resulting from such re-sale (if any) shall belong to the Vendor.


14. In order to avoid confusion, no lot or lots can be transferred in any circumstances and the bidder, whether buying for you or for a third party shall be entirely responsible for the payment of lot or lots purchased.


15. CHEQUES. Lyme Bay Auctions Ltd does not accept cheques.


16. BUYERS SLIP & NUMBER. The Purchasers on their arrival must complete a `Buyers Slip` and obtain a `Buyers Number` and hand it to the Auctioneer`s clerk prior to their first purchase. It is imperative that each Purchaser, whether known or unknown to the Auctioneer completes this form, and your co-operation is appreciated.


17. BIDS. Purchasers unable to attend the sale may leave commissions with the Auction House. Instructions to Bid are carried free of charge and are strictly confidential. Special forms are available for such commissions, and only commissions on the specified forms can be accepted by the Auctioneer.




19. Purchasers buy lots where they lie and must bring any necessary labour, lifting tackle and equipment in order to remove their lots. Porter staffs are NOT available to assist, only to supervise. We do not provide trolleys or lifting equipment. The Purchaser shall comply with any directions with respect to the removal of goods, which may be given by the Auctioneers` staff.


20. SMOKING. No smoking is permitted anywhere upon the premises.


21. SHORTAGES. There will be no allowance made for any shortages.


22. BEWARE. At the fall of the hammer the security of the lot is the purchaser`s responsibility. The Auctioneer will not be responsible if lots are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed - they are at the sole risk of the Purchaser.


23. BUYERS PREMIUM. A Buyer`s Premium of 18% or £1.00, whichever is the greater, (PLUS VAT) is added to the hammer price on all auctions lots.


24. VALUE ADDED TAX (VAT). All lots marked with `*` are subject to VAT on the hammer price. Buyer`s Premium is always subject to VAT.


25. COLLECTION OF LOTS PURCHASED. Please ensure you only take the lot number listed on your invoice and not a similar lot, as this causes confusion.



Special Online Terms & Conditions


Buyers Premium

•All Lots are subject to Buyers Premium of 18% + VAT on Hammer

•iBidder Premium of 3% + VAT

•All Lots are subject to 20% VAT on the Hammer Price where applicable.


Payments and registration

•I-Bidders must register with i-Bidder to Bid

•All purhcases made must be paid for and collected within 5 Working Days of the end of the Auction

•Payments will be made at Lyme Bay Auctions, Harepath Road, Seaton, Devon EX12 2WH

•The Lot(s) will not be released until payment is received and/or cleared through our Bank Account.

•The buyer is responsible for the cost of removal of purchased lot



•The Lots may not be removed from Site without prior payment being made and on production of a valid LBA Invoice when collecting.

•All purchases made must be paid for and collected within 5 Working Days of the end of the Auction